seaweed closeup

Seaweed baths for body and mind

“Steeping your body in a bathtub full of medicinal leaves and flowers is more than pampering; it is preventive medicine”
Herbalist Kami McBride

Adding herbs to a bath for health and healing is a very old tradition. Seaweed too has a long history of being used in the bath as it's natural anti-inflammatory properties can help with relief from muscle and joint pains. And bonus, it makes skin really soft.

Feeling a bit under the weather, I made a bath tea with equal parts dried Kelp and Lavender. I put the blend in a big stainless tea ball and left it in the tub while I took a long soak, trying to lift a bad-day-dark-mood.

It worked! I felt tons better, so relaxed, and my skin felt silky-soft. Even cured my hangover 😉