Face the elements with no worries

Face the elements with no worries

Something about the term "anti-aging" rubs me the wrong way but hitting my 50s and leaving the farm to go sailing has me warming up to it. Not that I'm against growing older! I hope to be lucky enough to grow old. I'd just like to not look my age ;)

Recently, I've been squinting in the mirror at some deepening facial lines. Sun spots too. I'm a little worried about how much tougher playing out on the water will be on my skin than even endless hours in the garden.

If you're in the same boat, you've probably been spending alot of time researching ingredients and reading product labels. It can be challenging to find skincare that does what it promises and makes you feel good about using it.

Let me take that crazy-making task off your list. Our natural vegan skincare is herbalist-designed to nourish, support, and protect your skin with no worries about what you’re absorbing or what’s running down the drain.

Concentrated, no-water recipes with minimal, high-quality ingredients- seaweeds and herbs, vegetable oils and butters- our serums, creams, and balms refine, brighten and smooth. They're made to hydrate, moisturize, and improve elasticity which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles. They're also perfect when you need to soothe sun- and wind-irritated skin.

So relax and cast off. We're here to help give your skin the care it needs without any compromise to your care for the environment.