Seas the Day: Get Balmed!

Seas the Day: Get Balmed!

(It might be the worst pun ever. You might think I've already had my celebratory glass (or two or three) of prosecco and have gotten bombed. I haven't. My sense of humor is just that bad.)

The background: Getting everyone balmed is my quest.

Partly a reaction being advised to use petroleum jelly on my face when sailing, and partly because balm is such a simple, healthful, tried-and-true way to take care of your skin, I really think everybody should get balmed.

The story: Today I'm celebrating reaching a marker on this quest!

'Seas the Day', our skinimalist, herbal balm is ready to launch! Created especially to moisturize and protect the lips and face when being exposed to the elements. They're also helpful anytime for skin that needs extra attention, like dry elbows, knees and feet.

Made with just 8 ingredients: Rosemary- and Dulse-infused Sunflower seed oil, Babassu oil, Murumuru and Cocoa butters, Candelilla wax (a vegetable wax), and Vitamin E. This natural balm seals in soothing emollients with a lasting, protective layer. Perfect to use while sailing!

Packaged in travel-friendly, break-proof 2 oz. tins. Available now in our online shop here at