raw cupuaçu butter

Cupuaçu curious?

If you love African Shea and Indian Mango butters but want their skin benefits with alot less carbon miles, Cupuaçu is for you.

Native to the Amazon rainforest, the Cupuaçu fruit tree comes from the same family as the Cacao (chocolate) tree. The butter is pressed from its seed and has a slight chocolatey scent with overtones of sweet bourbon. 

Cupuaçu butter deeply moisturizes skin and offers long-lasting hydration as it attracts and holds moisture from the air. Though rich, it absorbs quickly leaving skin with a silky but never greasy feel.

Soft, creamy, and super emollient, it benefits dry or damaged skin by improving elasticity and supporting skin's natural moisture barrier.

With high levels of vitamin E, it's the main ingredient in my 'Sea Change' moisturizing cream designed to soothe and nourish weather-sensitized, dehydrated skin.

And yes, this beautiful butter can be used to repair dry hair too.