dog with worried expression, wearing a face mask with cucumber slices

Eco-Conscious? I’m Eco-Neurotic!

Like you, I worry about each and every ingredient in my skincare just like I worry about each and every ingredient that goes in my food.

(and to keep going with the food analogy…. ) I worry about these ingredients from soup to nuts: where they came from, how they were grown, how the people growing them were treated, how they were stored, etc.

So I spend alot of time researching. Unfortunately, it’s a moving target.

Years ago, I stopped using rosewood essential oil and substituted ho wood essential oil when I learned of rosewood’s endangered status. But like so many trees and plants today, ho wood is suffering from over exploitation and habitat destruction, and now is also considered threatened. Today I'm agonizing over whether I should be using essential oils at all.

(Ditto for amyris essential oil, which I use to substitute for sandalwood- check out “Unethical Use of Rare and Threatened Plant and Animal Products in the Aroma Industry” by Tony Burfiel)

These things could, and do, drive me crazy. Sometimes I feel like I’ve hit the wall, but I can’t give up.

An overwhelming majority of people say they would choose ethical, sustainable products if they were more available. I’m dedicated to helping create this reality.